Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tea Bag Sleeve Mini Notecards with Magazine Envelopes

recyclable food boxes
recyclable paper tea bag sleeve
recyclable magazine

scrap paper
paint brush
mod podge
glue gun and glue sticks
paper scorer

1) Flatten out a cardboard food box by opening up all the glued down seams. Approximate the size of mini note card you want to make, draw lines accordingly, onto cardboard and cut out rectangular shape. Score half and midpoint, and fold over.

2) Open tea bag sleeves up carefully along glued down seams. Using a hot glue gun (because of the waxiness on the inside of tea bag sleeves, I opted for a hot glue gun, if your tea bag sleeve's interior is not waxy, try using the mod podge), attach tea bag sleeves to cardboard notecards.

3) Using a template or sketching onto wrong side of magazine page, draw out envelope. Cut out and fold into envelope shape. Use modge podge to glue down three sides to each other at the edges, leave one side open, of course.

4) Once all is dried , write a note inside notecards and put inside envelope, use a little mod podge to secure top flap down.

Tip: Make it your own by using stickers to secure down flap, or decorative plain labels for the front of envelopes. Make a bunch and package with ribbon as a little gift.
crafting skill level: 3 out of 5

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